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How do you do a cleaning or exam on a one-year old?

father holding child smiling l children's dentist near meThis is one of the first questions parents ask, right after they ask why we start seeing children at such an early age. As to why we recommend pediatric dental exams at this age, the answer is that we need to start to monitor the development of their baby teeth. The answer to how we conduct dental exams or cleanings at this age is that we perform them in a comfortable knee-to-knee position.

Calm & Comfortable Pediatric Dentistry in Apple Valley, MN

In this position, you and the pediatric dentist in Apple Valley, MN sit knee-to-knee. Your baby is laying in your lap facing you, with their head positioned so that our dentist can see inside their mouth. Not only is this position comfortable and reassuring for your little one but it also allows you to participate in the appointment. Since both you and the dentist can see inside your child’s mouth, it’s also a very helpful position for demonstrating to parents how to best care for their child’s teeth.

If you worry about how your child will react and whether or not they’ll be receptive, trust us to proceed at their own pace and in the comfort of their own boundaries. That is why the knee-to-knee examination is beneficial for so many children—throughout the appointment, they can maintain eye contact with you that helps put them at ease.

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We recommend dental examinations starting at age one, but we are always happy to see younger children too. If you have a concern about your infant’s oral health or pediatric dentistry in general, please don’t hesitate to call our Apple Valley dental office to schedule an appointment.

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