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How Can I Ensure My Child Has a Positive Dental Experience?

For your child, it’s essential to instill upbeat associations with their dentist in Apple Valley, MN, from the very start. For this reason, we work with you to make each visit positive.

Let’s explore five ways you and the dental team can ensure your child has a positive experience.

#1 Positive Associations with the Dentist

Make every aspect of their dentistry, including cavity-free checkups, a big deal. Praise their efforts at home as well.

#2 Soft Voice Equals Gentle Dentist

Our team uses a soothing tone when speaking with children, especially those who are feeling anxious. This tends to put them at ease.

#3 Give Your Child Some Control

Allowing your child to choose a favorite flavored toothpaste or character toothbrush helps instill a sense of ownership of their smile.

#4 Explain Dental Care

First, we tell your child what we plan to do, then show them how it’s done, and then we do it. These steps build trust.

#5 Demonstrate Dental Care for Your Child

When your child sees an older sibling or favorite doll having dental treatment, it helps them feel less afraid when it’s their turn.

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If you’re looking for dentistry for your child—including their first dental visit—we are happy to welcome them into our dental family. So give us a call today to get started.

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