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What is atraumatic restorative treatment?

Atraumatic restorative treatment is a way for our dentist in Apple Valley, MN to restore your child’s teeth without electric handpieces, drills, and vibrating noise. It is ideal for children because it is noninvasive and may mean no anesthesia is needed.

Our atraumatic restorative treatment is part of our minimally invasive dentistry in Apple Valley, MN.

Your dentist relies on hand instrumentation for decay removal and a fluoride adhesive to close and restore the tooth with this technique. We have implemented this alternative restorative technique because we want children to have a pleasant dental experience each time they visit our dental office.

Lowering Cavity Risks

The only thing better than Atraumatic restorative treatments for tooth decay is no decay at all. To lower your child’s risks, bring them to the dentist every six months for dental checkups. And be sure they are brushing at least twice daily. If you notice any oral health issues between dental visits, give us a call to schedule a new appointment.

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We are happy to offer noninvasive dentistry to the children who visit our dental office. Contact us today to schedule your child’s next dental checkup.

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