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Pediatric Dentistry

March 31, 2021
Posted By: Carousel Pediatric Dentistry
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Your child’s healthy smile begins with a visit to Carousel Pediatric Dentistry. Dr. Kyle Nordeen is a skilled and compassionate children’s dentist in Apple Valley, MN who specializes in caring for tiny teeth and teenage smiles.

We welcome children of all ages and abilities to our dental clinic, and we take pride in our responsibility to guide children on their oral health journey. We provide comprehensive pediatric dentistry to families in our community of Apple Valley and all other surrounding communities. From exams and cleanings to fillings and orthodontics, we can do it all! 

We Treat Children of All Ages and Abilities

It’s recommended that children should visit their dentist before they turn 12 months old or when their first tooth starts to come in. From infancy and throughout the rest of their lives, your child should regularly visit the dentist to make sure their smiles stay healthy and disease-free.

We treat infants, toddlers, school-age children, pre-teens, and teenagers, and we are also proud to treat children with special needs in our dental clinic. Whatever your child needs, we are here to help them achieve their best and brightest smiles in a fun and friendly setting. 

Developmental Milestones

Each age group has its own unique set of developmental milestones and challenges, and we are always here to help you and your child along the way. From an early age, we monitor and evaluate your child’s oral growth to make sure their jawbones and other structures align properly. We also examine their teeth, gums, jaws, tongues, and soft oral tissues to make sure they stay healthy and disease-free throughout their young lives and into adulthood. 

Meet Our Pediatric Dentist in Apple Valley, MN

Dr. Kyle Nordeen and our team at Carousel Pediatric Dentistry are passionate about young smiles. Whether your child’s first visit is when they just turned a year old, or they’re a teenager, we are always happy to welcome new patients and guide them toward achieving and maintaining excellent oral health.

If you would like to schedule your child’s dental appointment today, please call us at (952) 715-6177

We look forward to welcoming you to our pediatric dental clinic in Apple Valley, MN. 

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